Saturday, February 19, 2011

Market Money

After years of hoarding mountains of clothes, I have finally made a significant cull. Not the pathetic attempts I have made in the past, but a serious sort through making tough decisions on what I actually wear. The main motivator, money. You would not believe the amount of money that can be made from old clothes laying at the backs of your draws. So far I have made over $400 dollars with plenty left to sell. 

Get a couple of friends together, have a quiet night in on a Saturday and spend your Sunday morning at a suburban market. Getting up is the hardest part, once awake you will have a lovely  time catching up, sipping coffee and eating fresh produce from neighbouring stalls whilst making a dollar or two. 

It is also terribly liberating alleviating yourself of some of your worldly possessions. Things won't make you happy, experiences will. I will be using the money I have made to fund my European adventure in June.

image SOURCE: Google Images

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day to all of my friends, family, colleagues and lovers!

When I asked my darling Daniel whether he would like to do anything to celebrate? He replied with 'Why do we need a special day to celebrate being together?' I agree. 

Clearly he is a lover of the thoughtful and simplistic, so I sent him the Avant Card postcard pictured with a simple 'Happy Valentine's Day, I love you'. It also had the super cute 'Will you be my dino time?' message on the back. Fingers crossed he checks his mailbox tonight xx

image SOURCE: The TelegraphAvant Card